We are Metro Stonerich

Metro Stonerich is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, service company specializing in engineering, construction and project development. The Company is committed to the total satisfaction of its customers through premium quality, on-time delivery and cost-efficient services.

Behind this commitment is a solid and exacting professional experience and expertise with a tradition of integrity and excellence. It is a commitment founded on trust.

Stonerich is capable of doing ‘Design, Build and Construct’ projects with its internal resources and network. Over the years it has worked with the leading architects and construction managers to consistently deliver projects in accordance with specifications and owner-driven concerns.

Metro Stonerich Corporation is a service company committed to the total satisfaction of the customer. It offers engineering services in construction and project development. Premium quality delivered on time at a competitive price is the guiding philosophy. Trust is the foundation of its commitment.
The key people at the helm are multi-disciplined professionals with over 20 years of career work and involvement in construction and project development. The expertise that they offer is supported by a tradition of professionalism, integrity and excellence.
With several multi-storey edifices and over a hundred (100) branch structures constructed and renovated. This experience offered by Metro Stonerich Corporation is solid and exacting. And it has been enriched with new construction and renovation projects involving residential homes, commercial offices, industrial complex, seaport terminal, institutions and churches to name a few.




To be the builder of choice.


We are a service company offering engineering services in construction and project development, committed to the total satisfaction of our customers.
We deliver premium-quality service on time and at a competitive price, employing the latest in technology and adhering to high ethical standards.
We value our stakeholders’ trust because it is the foundation of our service commitment.



The company’s value proposition is: ” WE VALUE YOUR TRUST”. This is a statement that underscores our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Trust is not imposed but earned. We want our customers to trust us because of our attributes. This customer sentiment can only be obtained through high standards of technical competence and performance, and compliance with all applicable laws and other requirements. We lay down the groundwork for the customer to trust us through our professional way of handling our work commitments.



Because we are The Builder of Choice

We live by our company slogan: We value your trust. Trust, to us, is a precious and delicate thing.It doesn’t come easy; it is something that we have to earn – through professionalism and dedication to our work, through competence and premium quality work, transparency, and adherence to fair play – all geared towards the full satisfaction of our clients.
All the blessings that  we have received thus far, we attribute to the Almighty who constantly provides us His guiding hand. In return we have tried to share our blessings with the less privileged. We consider  social   responsibility as part and parcel of our business ethic. As a member of the Philippine Business for Social  Progress we support community development and grassroots empowerment.

After all is said and done, we want our company to be remembered not only by the impressive edifices that we have built but also by the hearts and minds that we have touched.We look forward to be of service to you!


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Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam,
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